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It’s all coming together…I think.

Sooo…there is a lot going on in positech land these days, partly because Redshirt and Democracy 3 are both coming together at the same time. At the weekend I also had a sudden revival of adding indie games to, which is my much neglected side project.

A bit of stats crunching in google analytics persuaded me that my homepage was slightly slow loading, but thankfully there are tons of sites that will test and analyze this sort of thing, and free utilities to minify your javascript and losslessly compress png’s and jpgs, so hopefully that’s all much faster now.

In the land of actual game development, I’ve been working on both gameplay stuff for Democracy 3 (adding in new policies such as Fossil fuel subsidies, Privately run prisons, Mansion taxes, Foreign Investor Tax breaks,  Fuel efficiency standards…) and also some graphical stuff, which included importing all the art assets for the achievements, which are new to the game. That also meant I needed to actually code the achievements system (which is separate and independent from steam, but which I’ll link to steam if they accept the game).

I’ve also been doing a bunch of playtesting, which has shown that I’ve now made ministers actually *too* cynical and bitter and destructive, with most current test games descending into a wave of resignations and widespread public indignation at my incompetence :D

In other news… I have started up a very bare-bones for now, but nevertheless to-be-promoted facebook page for Democracy 3. Please go and ‘like’ it if you are interested in the game. (There will also obviously be a proper non facebook page in due course…) I’ll try and post more stuff there over the next few months. I’ve bought a video camera, which I’ll be carrying about to gaming events like Rezzed to film people trying my games, and also capture the magical ‘boothness’ for the first time. Plus I’ve grabbed a ticket to the ‘Bit Of Alright’ event in London next month, just as a visitor.

In between all this, I’m madly trying to open a high street business bank account, despite them all being idiots, and clueless, and annoying, because only a big name high street bank will give me a US dollar account that everyone in the US (publishers,portals) are happy to make payments into. The way I do things currently means I lose a chunk of cash on poor exchange rates, and I’m fed up with that. However, the bureaucracy so far is testing my will to continue with this process. bah!

5 thoughts on It’s all coming together…I think.

  1. “The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.”

    In other news, I hope there is a Dem3 beta! *Preparing my application* ;)

  2. I was one of the first to like the democracy 3 page.

    I’m quite the political geek myself and democracy 3 is like the perfect match for me. The part I’m looking most forward to, is of course to go after my own views, but I also want to try to go by other ways just for the fun of it.

    Like, I love playing as the capitalist, they’re one of my favourite voter groups (even though disagree with them when it comes to Child benefits and disabled benefits and such) so when I deal with inner city riots, the best way then is to arm the police. Playing socialist, however, it’s more about reducing poverty and helping others so that they don’t need to go rioting. It’s fun to see how you can solve the problems by different means.

    What I like the best is that you Cliff, do a very good job being as neutral as you can in the game and try to stay as correct to the real world you can, without mixing your own views and say “This is common sense, choose this way!”

    Anyway, love everything you’ve done so far, I’m really looking forward to it.
    BTW, when it comes out, mind perhaps give out a steam workshop so that mods could be easier installed? Or maybe give a tutorial on how to mod them game.

  3. Have you considered finding a finance person to help you set up the bank account?

    It will cost you more initially for the service, but saving your sanity and time might be worth it.

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