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Democracy 3’s Minister portraits

Here are a bunch of close-to-final randomly generated minister portraits for Democracy 3. They are made up from a large number of layers, with a different image for each jacket, shirt, tie, eyes, glasses, hair, skin and so on… it makes for quite a complex image, but means I can vary the color of someones tie and shirt independently so I get tons and tons of variety. It really bugged me that I had such a limited choice of minister portraits for Democracy 2, because it made it really obvious how limited the game was in that area. I know it’s an indie game, but your chancellor shouldn’t use the same character sprite as you law and order minister right? :D

I know I have gone totally overboard on the complexity of this part of the game. I bet 95% of the players will assume I got 50 portraits done and picked them randomly, which may have made more sense from a code POV, and an art-asset integration POV. Coding the layering system, and splitting up and processing all the art has taken probably 2 days, and I still have 7 more varieties of male minister suits to add… Obviously that’s plus the artist time, and admin of dealing with that.


I do think they look pretty cool though, and I love randomly generated stuff, it has the rare ability to surprise the creator. The closeness to the original source artwork amuses me too. Occasionally I spot louise mench’s jawbone or george osbornes eyes here and there :D.


5 thoughts on Democracy 3’s Minister portraits

  1. The artwork is awesome and I don’t really think it is going overboard to want to improve on a part of the game that you were obviously not happy with in the previous title. You never know, a bug in the code and you’ve got a cross-dressing minister.

  2. Wow… what an amazing system. Pretty novel to do procedural faces, and the results are really good. The only thing that could make this system even more awesome would be to do this in vector space, not pixel space, so you can do resolution independent pictures.

  3. Great… but I think you need to work on the eyes, you can nearly always see some white due to the reflectiveness of the eye but your images just have very shadowy eyes.

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