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Evolution of democracy menu screens…

Just putting the final touches to the menu screen for Democracy 3, and thought it would be interesting to compare how it’s changed over time. I think the new one is the best :D




11 thoughts on Evolution of democracy menu screens…

  1. Looks very nice indeed, aside from button order (Options on the left?) and a couple of icons (the New Game icon suggests playing something which already exists more than it suggests creating something new, and the Load Game icon means Save ;) )

  2. yeah we don’t really have a universal load icon though really? regarding scalable text, it’s a bit of a nightmare to implement, although there is some stuff here and there to make the game scale a bit to different resolutions, and of course, it runs at all resolutions now, unlike earlier games :D

  3. Looks really great. You planning on getting preorders set up? Suppose it isn’t really ever too soon… Bungie…

    Do you have a Q that you are leaning to a probable release?

  4. Does the evolution of the title screen have anything to do with the amount of money in the art budget?

  5. I truly hope you can implement some sort of scaling into the interface, Cliff, since the Dem games are so text intensive. Either way, I’m really stoked for the new version.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Way better! Just move Options over so that “New Game” and “Load Game” are the first things that show up, and we’re good.

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