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Hmmm…big todo list

So… most of this week is probably going to be spent doing early preparatory code on the mystery ‘new’ game, which I plan to talk about in January, although don’t expect nice screenshots until at least march. The reason for that is all the intervening stuff, not least Christmas and it’s traditional disruption, and some tedious decorating to do, but I’m also going to to visit friends in Australia. Yes Australia.

I am not a big fan of long haul flights, 90% because of environmental concerns, 10% because I find them horrid. Words were had, discussions took place, much grumbling was done… But close friend of mine is out there for a few years, I should go visit at least once. Added to this I am going to GDC in March in the US for the first time ever. Not a good year for my carbon footprint :(

So in between all this there is the final testing and polishing and release of GSB 1.61 followed soon after (I hope) by the groovy ‘Outcasts’ Expansion pack for the game. Then there will be a lot of playing RedShirt, and moaning about tooltips, knowing me. And of course at some stage it’s release and promotion. (Yay!). I also plan to do some website improving stuff around February too.

Which means proper work on the next game will probably be Feb-March-April-May, assuming that the behind-the-scenes stuff I’m currently doing is finished by the end of this year. Realistically that game will dominate most of 2013 in terms of polishing, releasing and promoting, which means if I had an urge to make GSB 2, that would be end 2013/2014. Who can predict that far ahead?

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  1. Yeah I always offset if I do fly, but a lot of it is a scam, and the calculations they do to make the offset affordable is very dubious. Unless the offset is triple the cost of the flight, I have my doubts you are genuinely offsetting the real impact.

  2. @Cliffski:

    >if I had an urge to make GSB 2, that would be end 2013/2014. Who can predict that far ahead?

    A feature-packed, improvement-laden, modder-friendly sequel to my favorite space game?

    Despite being just an “if” right now on your part, I am prepared to add the fuel of your choice onto that GSB 2 urge in order to keep the spark alive. I recommend kerosene-soaked patent trolls. That should keep you nice and toasty during this coming winter as you occasionally plan *that far* ahead.

    Sorry about the carbon footprint – those patent trolls are pretty smoky. ;)

  3. I’m not sure which bit of Australia you are visiting, but if you are near Melbourne, allow me to organise a casual get-together for your local fans / customers.

  4. Melbourne! Bah, Sydney’s where it’s at, a local fan get-together in Sydney is what you want. =P

    (all in the best humor Hunter, I love Melbourne too)

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