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Gratuitous Space Battles version 1.61 is live

…for direct bought copies, and will be updating on steam soon (as soon as I find the right instructions for it…doh!). Copies auto-update over the next 24 hours.

What are the changes? well…

version 1.61
1) Bug Fix: Drag selecting now launches ship inspector for the first selected ship, not the first ship in the fleet…ooops.
2) New feature: Support for the cruiser decoy projector module.
3) Bug Fix: AI now works differently, and less stupidly when assessing which target to move towards.
4) New feature: pulse-glow effect now supports two new variables ‘min alpha’ and ‘max alpha’
5) Support for new two-stage missiles.
6) Bug fix: Ensuring that regardless of framerate or missile speed, missiles that would hit, will actually hit.
7) Support for new multi-point tractor beams.
8) Improved design of load-ship dialog in the design screen so it scales to fill the available space and shows (and can sort by) hull name too.
9) Support for modding plasma torpedoes to use style CUSTOM and plasma_texture = “” for custom effects
10) Support for weapons firing from cloaked ships using the “fire_while_cloaked=1” setting
11) Reverted the Area-of-effect code so it only happens on hits, not misses, as requested.
12) Added support for modded music.
13) Fixed obscure timing issue where when at 4x speed and a low FPS, theoretically some very-rapid fire weapons may have been ‘dropping’ shots. Game now supports multiple shots per frame.
14) Removed now redundant ‘internet news’ dialog.
15) Stats summary screen now closes properly when exiting the stats screen without closing it.
16) restricted race field for modules now supports comma-separated list for multiple races (for modders)
17) races can now be locked out of all vanilla tech (for modders)
18) hulls can now be hidden from the player (for modders)

So there is a lot of mod support stuff and preparatory stuff for the upcoming ‘outcasts’ race expansion. Plus the big things are the better design loader dialog, and the changes to AI, area-of-effect weapons and a bit of a rapid-fire timing bug problem.

I suspect all of today will be GSB/Outcasts related, probably the weekend too…

4 thoughts on Gratuitous Space Battles version 1.61 is live

  1. Really looking forward to using all of those new features, thank you Cliff.

    One of the most awesome features of GSB is that the Indie Developer (Cliff) is open to suggestions and answers questions from the fanbase.

    And when you include:
    – Numerous DLC & Mods.
    – A friendly and helpful forum community.
    You get a value for money game which has entertained me for over 3 years.

  2. Thanks for the updates! Gives me an excuse to play again.

    I have a question. Do you think it would be possible in the future to allow us to choose a random seed to use so the battles play out the same every time? This would be especially helpful when playing with friends.

  3. unfortunately that isn’t entirely possible (I tried it!) due to timing issues related to how the game is designed. It’s something I fixed for Gratuitous Tank Battles, but for GSB I’d have to pull apart the whole game to fix it :(

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