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Two-stage rockets for GSB

Here is a video of a little experiment:

The idea is to have missiles that go slowly at first, then suddenly boost towards their target. They deliberately start off at a slight angle too. The benefit is that enemy last-minute defense don’t have much time to shoot them down, but if you have a defensive screen of point-defense frigates, then can pick them off before they start their boost stage. The plan is to have this as a frigate-only outcasts-only weapon for the next expansion. Let me know what you think.

11 thoughts on Two-stage rockets for GSB

  1. Sounds awesome!

    Another thing that would be fun to try some time is a missile that accelerates up to cruising speed on one drive, then coasts ballistic-and-undetectable until in desired range of the target, then lights off the boost drive to go after it.

  2. I want to test my nigh impenetrable defences against those.

    When can I give you my money? “Soon”? Sounds good.

  3. I think it’s little – almost cosmetic – details like that that show how much you care. I think even people who don’t consciously notice (‘hey, check out the two stage rockets’) will recognize the effort and care at a subliminal level.

    (If you want some probably not-too-constructive criticism on why I only played GSB1 for less than an hour, let me know – I think it amounts to ‘just not my thing’ but maybe you could get some value out of it.)

  4. (GSB fan since pre-beta)
    vurry nice! some of that anime look of missiles that wander everywhere before going in for the kill

    If not too computationally hard, cut down power of each missile, but have each turret fire 2-5 so they all arc out as a group before angling in… would look even more dramatic…

    I could see one little cruiser firing a big volley as 10 turrets fire 30+ missiles and they all expand outwards creating the impression that the ship doubles or triples in size…

    meh, just a thought…

  5. Also, couldn’t help but notice that you now have to Outcast hulls operational (one Cruiser, one Frigate, although they do look rather similar)

  6. Why cant you have missles behave like real life?
    Considering in space zero gravity
    missle should launch 0 speed, gradually accelarating to 4x speed of a frigate *by the time they reach optimal range, then they run outta fuel
    After this they cruise to Max range, ie 1200
    after 1200 range, instead of dissapearing, they go bannanas if they havnent found a target and break into 3 small pieces, then self detonate to do a small bit of splash damage

  7. Nice. What about missiles with cloaks, which decloak only some small distance away from the target. That would be awesome. And I think they did that on Star Trek. Well they did basically everything on Star Trek so most likely this was among it ^^

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