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Colorblind Mode Support

I’m working on adding this as an option for Gratuitous Tank Battles.  If you are red-green colorblind can you let me know if this looks better?

4 thoughts on Colorblind Mode Support

  1. You know it’s funny, but this is in fact the biggest issue I had with the demo. Very weird that I happened on this post tonight. Just to clarify, I am in fact red green colorblind, though I’ve managed to make it a good long while as a game artist.

    Short answer – the places I can put turrets are very clear in the second image. The infantry locations are a tad less visible than in the first, but the trench outline still stands out enough to be obvious.

    What I seem to actually lose in the colorblind version are the roads. The intensity of the cross hatch seems to obscure the road tile borders more, thus all the areas tend toward appearing uniform.

    It seems like you’re doing color modulation with the overlay, but my first reaction would be to play with the opacity of it. Whatever the method, with the turret areas so clear now, I think you’ve got plenty of room to adjust things.

    Hopefully that helped, feel free to e-mail me directly if you like, and I’ll try to remember to check back as well.

  2. I am not colourblind myself, but I agree with Don on the roads problem – I almost can’t see them. I don’t know if the coding supports it, but maybe the roads could have a different pattern over them; or the pattern could be a little more transparent, while static areas are clearly shown as forbidden?

  3. Colour Deficient with pronounced red/green problems. I can see most colours okay provided that they are few at any one time. For me it is a problem of being overwhelmed with too many colours and too many patterns. The cross-check pattern completely overwhelms me and I just can’t focus any more.

    Or more accurately areas of solids attract my vision so I keep staring at the places turrets can go in (second image) and the rest is just a headache.

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