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New video blog, and website

Soooo…. Two new things. Firstly, the GTB website has been properly re-done, although for the time being it’s light on content, that will change as I get closer to release. here it is:
Secondly, I did another video talking about the game, combined with some video footage showing the unit editor and map editor, which I haven’t really talked about before. Annoyingly the ‘auto-focus’ on my camera kept gurgling away, but I wasn’t aiming for an academy award this time anyway. Here it is:

7 thoughts on New video blog, and website

  1. I think you should explain why it’s all going to be over by Christmas 2114. Your site images (headers and backgrounds) definitely look more high tech.

  2. “I think you should explain why it’s all going to be over by Christmas 2114.”

    It’s a reference to the first world war, and the belief by many on each side that it would be over by christmas the first year.

  3. This looks amazing Cliff, just a suggestion though, it would be great if the “design your units” thing had a fairly gentle learning curve, I found the unit editor on GSB a bit hard to get my head around.

  4. Yes I know exactly what you mean, This should be much less of an issue, because in GTB the same modules get reused in different units, along with modifying components that you can apply to everything, so hopefully you get the same amount of variation and outcomes, but without 14 different types of laser gun, which was a bit of a nightmare :D

    Plus GTB will gradually introduce stuff at a slower rate than GSB did, which had a single tutorial mission, then left you to it :D

  5. Just saw this vid today and it really makes GTB sound like a worthy follow-on to GSB! Can’t wait!

    Is it too early for a wish list suggestion? I realize this probably won’t be possible until GTB2 is released :) , but one day I would love to have a sci-fi wargame like GTB but instead of a top-down, traditional tower defense perspective, be able to watch the battle unfold from a ground level perspective. I imagine it would be an awesome experience to watch all this customizable weaponry and fortifications to unleash death on each other from the POV of a grunt in that battle.

    Would that be possible one day? What I would give for a game like that!

    Looking forward to GTB!

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