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Gratuitous Space Patch 1.57

Just made patch 1.57 live. it will auto update over the next 24 hours, and make it to steam once a day or so has passed without incident. It’s mostly stuff to support the parasites expansion.

version 1.57
1) New Feature: Support for longer race descriptions.
2) New Feature: Modding support for custom bullets textures.
3) Support for return-to-sender capability on missiles.
4) Support for more than one plasma missile in flight at any one time, per launcher (if configured for that module)
5) Support for flak guns (bullet modules with area-of-effect damage).

5 thoughts on Gratuitous Space Patch 1.57

  1. Ohh man, i just cant wait to start changing the vainilla bullets for custom ones, but no one of the modders know the code line, are you going to release that information or we have to wait to the Parasites DLC release? (ohh nooo please nooo)
    Very excited with this patch xD

  2. Cliffski, are u aware of the issues about the custom texture addon?? some players have tested it (not me i am still waiting the steam version to update) and they are not happy with the final result of the custom bullet texture, something about the original texture file mixing up with the custom new one.

  3. theres a bug on mac about the gsb it crashes when you’ve set up the campaign thingy

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