Show me the frozen synapse

May 26, 2011 | Filed under: showmethegames

Have you heard of the stealth indie strategy game Frozen Synapse? If not, today is your lucky today because here:

is an article on ‘the making of’ that game, and the game itself is finally released today. if you like what you see you can grab the game direct from the developers site. The link is in the article.

9 Responses to “Show me the frozen synapse”

  1. snow says:

    Looks nice, but .. no demo? Pity.

  2. Kemp says:

    Free code for a friend tipped the balance for me (cheapness in the absence of a demo) and I grabbed it. Honestly, it’s great fun, and I’ve already recommended it to other people.

  3. Pyroka says:

    The fact that you get Steam codes tipped it for me, I’m all for buying direct from indies to support them, and wan them to have my details, but I do like having all my games in Steam.

    One annoyance, to activate the free friend code you have to get your friend to tell you their desired username/password, bit of a hack

  4. Polyergic says:

    What’s the permanent URL for the article?

  5. tcstyle says:

    Definitely great game. Joined during beta and met a very nice competitive community. Interface is very intuitive and the turn-based approach enables very short gaming sessions. That makes the game ideal for people with fulltime job and family, like me ;).

  6. Andrew says:

    Cliff, any idea why there is no demo?

  7. cliffski says:

    No, I wasn’t aware they didn’t have a demo yet :(

  8. Kemp says:

    Official word is that there will be a demo in July.

  9. Pandarsenic says:

    Hey all, Pandarsenic here. I’ve been a fan of Frozen Synapse for quite some time. In fact, I can’t remember whether GSB or FS did it, but one of them offered a discount on the other and got me to obtain it.

    So. Very. Worth it. I’m actually ranked #9 globally at the moment. Formerly #1, when I was proving to Omroth that the Secure gametype had problems >:3

    But yeah, I definitely give this game the highest recommendation I can. It’s absolutely worth every penny.