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Land Air Sea Warfare

So who else has played this? it’s a pretty cool little game. If you enjoyed RTS games before they went 3D, you might like it.

I mention it because someone on the blog commented on it, so I checked it out and today added it to showmethegames here:

It’s one of those ‘build a metric crapload of units’ style RTS games, and surprisingly moreish. The developers site is here:

My current news is very technical. A lot of waffling away on vertex buffer batching code to make my engine much, much, much smoother and faster. If I ever write GSB 2, it will run much better on older machines. Not that it’s a slouch now, but it could mean bigger fleets :D

Still a while before I begin hinting at the next game…



8 thoughts on Land Air Sea Warfare

  1. I got excited when I saw your post title and assumed it was your unique way of naming your new game.

  2. Thrilled that you got a chance to see the game! If this bring us iPad owners one step closer to seeing GSB on the system, then mission accomplished! ;)

  3. I too thought for a second that this is the new GSB.

    Frozen Synapse is beta right now and I can’t click on DEMO.
    Why is it even on SMTG?

  4. Hehe, I know this game (I own it for PC). I wrote something about it in the GSB-Forums. Good oldschool RTS with good AI and randomly generated maps.

  5. did they use the TA source code? it looks cool, but i’m not sure £15 for a fingertip game disguised as a RTS is worth it

  6. No need to hint at your next game. We’ve already figured out that it’s a Klingon dating and relationship simulation, played entirely in the Klingon language.

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