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Experimenting with Module statistics

I think this might be helpful. It shows up next to the ship details window if you click on a weapon modules icon (or on the actual physical turret in the main view). This shows the range overlay, but now it also shows shots fired, hit/missed and the damage done, although it’s overall, not a specific target.

Tell me your thoughts. Is this too simplistic or abstract? I can see this being useful for spotting turrets that fire constantly and hit nothing. Click to enlarge it.

8 thoughts on Experimenting with Module statistics

  1. This could be very useful for modules such as point-defence or anti-fighter defences. I’m never quite sure what exactly they’re doing.

  2. I like it. Stats like that would be good for seeing exactly how effective each gun in your fleet is. It’ll let me know if a particular cruiser laser is scoring hits, or out of range too often, or reflecting off armor, or wasting shots at fighters. Actually, instead of shield damage, armor damage, and hull damage all listed separately, I think it would be more useful to have total damage, shots reflected by shields, and shots reflected by armor. I don’t really care if the damage is done to shields armor or hull because they all have to die, but if a gun isn’t doing damage, I want to know why.

  3. goodness, yes – that’ll be helpful.

    but the floating damage indicators need to be more visible – whether they live in little bubbles, or are just a better colour.

    a field for what happened to the “last shot” could be useful too

  4. Neat. However, is there some say that the statistics could reflect only shots fired at things you want them fired at? At least in the after action reports? Otherwise, your anti-cruiser weapons get their statistics all screwed up by shots wasted on fighters, and vice versa.

  5. Love it, Cliff. I’d definitely be actively using such a feature.
    I wonder if you could go further and actually make some overall stats like that available post-battle at the summary screen. IE, from all your X-Class ships, your Y-modules scored a total of Z damage. That could go even further to educating people as to which modules are most effective in a given scenario.

    But yeah, the idea is great and highly useful. :)

  6. I love this feature!

    I also really appreciate that you’ve kept adding big improvements to the game even after the release. I bought the game just a few weeks before the beta ended, and I’ve loved coming back the game every few months to see what is new and play with the new races, features, etc. I’m really excited for the campaign, too.

  7. I second the comment by @Cheerios. I’m really glad you’re spending so much extra time and effort to improve the playability of GSB.

    And I’m really curious about the campaign mode!

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