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Current Optimisation targets

Stuff that is currently slow in really hectic games:

  • The ‘smart’ sprite texture for the shield impact sprite gets created and destroyed a lot at runtime
  • The sound engine spends a lot of time looking for free sound channels or cached sounds
  • Drawing of blast textures for bullet turrets is slow somehow. Lots of small 2-primitive draws I suppose.
  • Drawing Missiles and missile glares and trails
  • Drawing debris

I love optimising, and the frame rate isn’t too shabby even with all hell breaking loose, but it would be cool to get it much better in the hope of adding some really gratuitous extra effects later on for fast cards.

2 thoughts on Current Optimisation targets

  1. – cache and re-use instead of recreating
    – i believe FMOD solves that sounds stuff somehow (isnt lookup in map of strings fast enough?)
    – when it comes to particles (randomly distributed), it might be better to just re-fill an array of primitives every frame and draw them all at once

    it might also help to make some debug output of how much geometry goes to which types of objects

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