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Lots of things

I’ve been busy. The first thing to mention is that there is now a web forum for GSB here:

That should allow people to let their opinions and suggestions and questions run wild, and keep things a bit organised. Feel free to post whatever thoughts you have there.

Today I’ve been doing some debug GUI which is handy for finding bugs, I already found and fixed a bug where ships didn’t reselect optimum targets correctly. I also redid the tractor beam graphic so it didn’t have one aliased edge and one straight one (needed to use two overlapping textures to get it right). Plus recently I totally re-jigged the sound system for the game so the positional sounds now pan correctly as you move the camera. Last but not least, I’m adding a system where you can have race-specific weapons. Initially you will have one race to play and need to unlock others, so I’m hoping this makes for better game play because:

a() you will initially be zapped by weapons you don’t recognise or know the exact statistics of and

b) when playing as one race, you will not have access to all weapons, so playing a different race will mean adjusting your tactics accordingly.

There is so much to do, but the game is coming along nicely.

2 thoughts on Lots of things

  1. You could save yourself much work if you would hold something back and put into Gratuitous Space Battles II. ;)

  2. McMurmel, no! bad McMurmel, bad.

    The more awesome features we get the better :D Good thing you don’t have a deadline that you’ll get rushed to release by and have to drop 50% of these awesome features.

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