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Sorry to suddenly do this without further lead-up, but NDA’s have meant that I’ve been unable to discuss it until today.

I’ve been offered a very lucrative job doing behavioural modelling for a government agency in the UK. I’m not at liberty to discuss all the details, but it’s an extremely interesting job, and of course the pay and conditions are very attractive.

Obviously this means that my current game (gratuitous Space Battles) will not get made, and I will have no time to support my existing games either. I’ll be making arrangements soon to discontinue the positech games website, as the company will effectively be wound up before I start work next week.

it will be strange wearing a suit and tie and going back into an office again, but the work I’ve been asked to do is so interesting, and so exciting that I’d frankly be a fool to turn it down in the current economic climate.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has bought my games over the years, and hope you have enjoyed reading this blog from time to time.

I’ll post more details on what I’ll be doing once I’ve spoken to HR and worked out what is and is not ok for me to make public.

Cheers everyone!

11 thoughts on Last Blog Entry

  1. Once you return from your “foolish” endeavor, I expect a gratuitous amount of space battling screen shots to make up for this…”foolish” twisting of my emotions…

  2. 4:00pm
    imagine how many of these things have we already read today, and how bored it is to do it all over again..

    “Last Blog Entry” + “I’ll post more details”

    “I’ve been unable to discuss it until today… and… my game will not get made” + “Turrets in and working, 18 hours ago”

    that spoilts it even more… no fun :(

  3. Psyco! You are totally right! This kind of fannying about should be stopped at once! Thank you for saying it… I’m glad someone did! You’re awesome!!

    … well there’s my april fools joke all used up…

  4. Yeah – I’d be really “wound up” too – You’re right, of course, Cliff that you would be a “fool” to not accept this position.

    I count two, maybe three? “Behavioural Modelling” being the other possible one?

    Hmmm – nice try Cliffski !!!!!!! Perhaps you should have said that little green men from the planet Fariloop (read it again….) have been helping you write the game to help prepare us for when the Ar’Seons invade?

  5. I thought that Alan Shearer taking over at Newcastle was an April Fool, but it seems not… So, good luck cliffski! ;)

  6. Not really good one, feels like a childs lie.

    Its not good when this crappy aprils fool thing gets this silly.

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