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The Juggling Game

I often forget birthdays, things I’ve arranged to do socially, where I’m going for lunch, or what I agreed to do for someone. Why? My brain is just full. Here is some of the work related stuff I’m juggling right now

  • A port of Kudos 2 to a new platform by a partner
  • A translation of Democracy 2
  • Artwork for GSB
  • Arranging a musician for GSB
  • Chasing money from a Russian Publisher
  • Getting a portal to use my wire transfer details to pay me
  • VAT (sales tax) return for the last quarter
  • Possible use of Democracy for a magazine article
  • Checking payment from a US publisher for something under NDA
  • Advertising budgets
  • Checking my forums to reply to tech support or similar discussions
  • This blog
  • Analyzing web traffic to see if some recent changes were positive or negative
  • Keeping an eye on the casual games portals payment schedule so they don’t fall even further behind
  • Selecting sounds for GSB
  • Programming GSB

That last one is obviously the biggest, and GSB is effectively four games in one, so it’s a bit of a nightmare all on it’s own. The truly depressing thing is there is very little out of this list I could easily hand over to someone new, even if a) I could afford someone, and b) I found someone suitable.

I guess at least it’s indoor work with no heavy lifting :D

2 thoughts on The Juggling Game

  1. Tell me about it!
    My head is full to bursting these days with running my business.

    And you’ve just reminded on of my tasks that’s well overdue now, send the form in to Companies House! D’oh!

    Wouldn’t change it for the world though :-D

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