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Hiring the best person for the job

I just agreed a contract with my first contractor to work on ‘The Space Game’. I basically trawled the internet for the best nebula photoshop tutorials, the best nebula textures for sale, and the best examples I could find of people drawing spacey nebula backdrops. I then found my preferred artist, and managed to contact them on a web message board and then later discuss budgets and artwork.

What I find interesting about the procedure is I had no idea who this artist was. As it turns out, said individual is male, in his twenties and from California. But the key thing is, I had no idea. He/she could be female, he/she could be black/hispanic/white. They could be disabled,  obese,  have any number of other characteristics, and I don’t know and likely never will.

which is exactly how it should be.

I’m employing this guy to do artwork for me, and all I care about is how good the artwork is, and how professionally they do the work. I don’t need to know anything else about them, and I think it’s in many ways a great thing for employers in general not to do so. The reason I think this, is because as more and more people get employed in this way, it’s really going to help reduce sexism, ageism, racism and all other forms of discrimination.

I once worked for a guy who said he wouldn’t have given me the job if he’s noticed during the interview I’d once had my ear pierced. he also proudly told me he’d never employ anyone black, or with a foreign sounding name. What a scumbag. As it goes, I’m average weight, male, white, and have a london accent, which means in the UK I’m probably the least discriminated person imaginable. I *did* get a lot of grief as a teenager and twentiesomething for having long hair though.

Anyway, I’m rambling now, but I just thought it worth noting that at the same time that the USA gets it’s first ever black president, there is a constant revolution going on amongst people doing ‘virtual’ work, where what color you are not only doesn’t matter, it’s’ not even information your employer will ever have unless you want them to.

That’s my thought for the day.

4 thoughts on Hiring the best person for the job

  1. Oh I know. But that’s my point. The law keeps honest people honest, but its impossible to enforce, and me ex boss who was racist just easily maintains his all-white workforce. But the beauty of the world of virtual workers is someone from mumbai can takes that guys money and he would never even know it. The guy can then do superb work, one day the boss realises who works for him, and maybe just maybe that helps to reduce those perceptions of racism.
    Hey, I can dream :D

  2. Never ceases to amaze me how many “isms” there are! Ear piercism? Long hairism?

    Cliff , was there a reason you chose to hire someone new and not someone who has worked for you before?

    Three cheers for long haired, ear pierced cockney indie developers!

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