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The New Game

So what is this space game all about then?

Well it’s basically a big space battle simulator. A top-down, 2D space battle strategy game with no resource management, empire building, exploration or diplomacy.  The game is influenced by a number of things, in visual terms, I’m inspired by the stupidly big battles at the end of star trek:ds9 and the start of revenge of the sith. In game terms, it’s inspired slightly by galactic civ II, and partly by an old pen and paper RPG called traveller.


One of the books of traveller was called ‘trillion credit squadron‘, and it was based around the players being given a trillion credits to design and build a big space fleet (with certain restrcitions) to fight other players. That’s the basis of the gameplay for this currently un-named game. There will not be a big story, it’s basically a case of build a big fleet, send it into battle and enjoy the fun. I’ll be trying to make the battles look as good as 2D battles can look.

There is a lot more to the game than this, but that will come later. All my art is placeholder right now, so obviously there will be original spaceship designs. I haven’t found my spaceship artist or backdrop artists yet. In fact I haven’t started looking yet. Even now, it looks pretty cool in a big 1900×1200 window with maybe 40-50 ships a side. I hope to scale it up way way beyond that.

8 thoughts on The New Game

  1. “Bursts in to tears!!”

    I really thought this would be a remake of Starship Tycoon !!!

    No resource management?

    No Trading?

    Sorry Cliff – maybe next time.

  2. Excellent idea Cliff! I was actually thinking of making a similar game myself at one stage, but laziness resulted in the idea floundering. I’ve always been a fan of the MOO series where you basically get to design your spaceships and then assemble a fleet to attack enemy empires :). This sounds like it’ll be similar (hopefully you are able to design the ships too, i.e. what goes on the weapons hardpoints, what armour it uses, shields, etc. :))

  3. Don’t know if you’ve looked at it before or if it’s already been mentioned but you should have a look at Battleships Forever, last time I played it was a pretty early demo but it seemed to have a pretty good tactical system for the ships as well as keeping a purely combat orientated fleet based game interesting.

  4. Cool, I I wanna check it out, is that the only view – From above, like Age of Empires? You never think of Trek ships being in battle (unless you think of DS9).

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