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6 thoughts on Kudos 2 Post-Mortem

  1. The post mortem is an interesting read. I’ll be perfectly honest in saying that I think you’ve done an admirable job in the development of your game. Keeping up the amount of work and dedication you’ve put into this game and you’ll certainly be able to support yourself. (Sadly there’s a but coming) But I can’t help but wish that all of this hard work were dedicated to something that was frankly more interesting. I played the demo for a time but eventually just had to quit. I know my tastes lay more toward action games, but I have little problem with text based games. These kinds of games are what you’ve done in the past, and while not fully my thing if you’ve made any kind of success with them, then you must be good at them. I’d just like to see your efforts lead out of the niche you’re filling (and hopefully not falling into).

  2. Hi Cliff, just came here to thank you for your transparency in regards to your game production – I find all your comments and self-reflection about your own games fascinating.

  3. Cliff, that was a really good read, think I shall blog about it soon ;)

    I have the demo of Kudos 2 sitting here on my laptop, but for some reason I just haven’t gotten around to playing much of it at all :(

    If I get time to play it and I enjoy it, then know that a sale will be coming your way!

  4. Thanks, that was an interesting read.

    I actually think I didn’t like the more positive feel of Kudos 2. I played the demo of the original, and when it ended, I wanted to carry on and help my poor depressed guy improve his life – I felt sorry for him. But I knew Kudos 2 was coming, so I held off buying. I enjoyed the sequel when I bought it, but I never felt that same emotional connection. My person looked too happy, too cool.

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