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Guardian Newspaper + Dublin radio?

I am on the front page of the IT-section in today’s guardian newspaper here in the UK. It’s an article about games piracy and the various responses to it. I should also hopefully be interviewed live *eek* on the radio in Ireland tomorrow, around 10amish hopefully.

here’s the online version:

Still working away on Kudos 2, doing play balancing and so on. Gradually getting there…

4 thoughts on Guardian Newspaper + Dublin radio?

  1. Hi Cliff,

    I’m a producer at BBC Three Counties Radio, and I’m also quite keen to get you on our programme. I’m also a Guardian reader. ;)

    I wondered if you might be free to talk to us on the show either before or after your Irish interview (during the interview would be quite an achievement).

    Our newsroom number is 01582 637 444 or you should have my email…

    It would be great to talk to you if you have time.

    All the best,


  2. Hi again Cliff.

    Just wanted to let you know that I got here via Kevin Kelly’s blog at I imagine you know that he wrote about you, unfortunately I just missed the broadcast on Irish radio but I will try to catch up if I can find which channel it was on.

    I have downloaded a demo of democracy and taken a quick look and to put that in context I am a 54 year old computer user since the ‘early’ days who has never gone nearer than playing tetris once to a computer game. So something about your apparent integrity must have shone through :-)

    All the best from sunny (today) Ireland

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