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why is it so many people type ‘costumers’ instead of ‘customers’? is it a typo? or people who are confused? or is it some hilarious new internet meme I am not aware of?

Answers on a postcard.

6 thoughts on costumers?

  1. Eh, if it is some internet meme, I must be more out of it than you, I’ve never seen it spelled that way before. (Of course, I am terrible at noticing mistakes like that, so…)


  2. I don’t think this is a meme – I suspect these people are IE users who do not have a spell-checker built into their browser and thus they spell customer phonetically because they don’t know any better. If they knew better, they would be running Firefox or Opera or something else, and they wouldn’t need a spell checker – and if they did, it would fix this error for them.

    That’s my theory. :)

  3. Where are you seeing this? A costumer is someone who makes costumes… Halloween is coming up, so maybe that is why so many people are searching for that.

  4. they definitely mean customer. It’s in forum posts like “this only hurts legitimate costumers” and “I want to attract more costumers to my site”.

  5. If it’s a meme, I haven’t seen it on /b/. Since most memes come from, live, and are run into the ground there, it’s probably not a meme.

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