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7 thoughts on Article for spong

  1. Hey there,

    It looks like the spong site is blocking your article:

    ‘Access Blocked by DLM Policy Agent []’

    Look forward to reading it though.

  2. Hey Cliff, I’m a long-time reader of your blog. Now I don’t want to come across as a do-gooder but you really should dispense with the “knife” picture. I like to think of myself as fairly liberal-minded. I know it’s not new and I’m guessing it’s a toy knife (I hope!) but you come across as a bit psychopathic in that pic. Sorry. You might be alienating some potential customers with a pic like that, as they might wrongly think you’re glorifying knives by brandishing one in such a provocative way…just a thought. Anyway, keep up the excellent work on the blog, and when are we going to see a Rock Legend 2?

  3. That’s not a knife, that’s a Klingon D’k Tahg (I’m slightly ashamed I appear to know that).

    We know that you do quite a lot of interviews normally but I’ve noticed that your current round of interviews all start along the lines of “Cliff – He Talks To Pirates” and I’ve also seen quite a lot of articles about piracy that now mention you (and by association Positech and your rather fine games). Are you sure you’re not a marketing genius?

  4. Haha, I have to say I second the knife picture comment above – I have thought a good few times to myself while reading your blog that it unjustly makes you look like some kind of sociopath :)

  5. Maybe I AM a pyscho bwahahahahaha!
    I should get a different pic. That’s why I went with the “befuddled cowboy” look for the blog left pic. *thinks about changing header*

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