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Moving servers

Ok, so it’s pretty clear that in terms of lots of people visiting the blog or posting on the forums, my site can’t take it, so I’ve ordered a dedicated server rather than the shared one I’m on now. It’s about triple the cost which is severe OUCH as far as I’m concerned, but I think the site responsiveness is just too vital for me to not do it.

This will be the easiest bit. the hard bit will be moving one of my domains. Not most of them, which are registered through a normal registrar, but the one nominet UK control. they always demand that I give them a blood and DNA sample before I talk to them, and always doubt I’m legit. Like many companies, they seem to not be prepared to trust a digitally signed email or 128 bit encryption, but company-headed paper apparently means I’m legit.

And that’s a company in charge of the INTERNET here in the uk. As the Americans say ‘go figure’.

Thanks to everyone who ahs emailed me, and recently bought my games. I simply have too many emails to reply to right now, and it would be ironic to take too much time away from actually working on the new game. I’m also bogged down with older stuff, like some tweaks to Oval Office, for a retail publisher at some point. Once I have some spare time and sanity I’m going to see what I can do about expanding the Democracy 2 demo.

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  1. well nevermind, it won’t let me post it. search: “The Gaming Historian – The Video Game Crash of 1983”

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