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Press release day

I lifted the lid on Kudos 2 today, showing screenshots for the first time. here is the blurb, and mini-site link:

For Immediate Release

Positech Games, the indie game developer formed by ex-lionhead AI coder
Cliff Harris, are pleased to announce the first screen-shots of their next
game – Kudos 2.

Kudos 2 is the sequel to the popular ‘strategic life-simulation game’. The
only turn-based life sim, Kudos 2 puts you in charge of a character from
their twentieth to thirtieth birthdays, and challenges you to make something
of their life. Your character starts out as uneducated and penniless,
working a dead-end job. Your aim is to improve their life, whether that
means making them happier, more popular, wealthier, or carving out a career.

The key to the game is the complex AI behind your characters personality and
moods. As you would expect from the developers of super-complex strategy
games like ‘Democracy’, every nuance of your character is simulated and
modeled. Each day your decisions change your character for the better or
worse, from what books they read, to who they associate with, to what food
they eat and which TV programs they watch.

Kudos 2 is designed and coded by one man (Cliff Harris) with Artwork by
Jamie McKelvie and Chris Hildenbrand and music by Jesse Hopkins. The game is
scheduled for release at the start of October 2008.
Kudos 2 will be available to buy direct on-line from the Positech website,
as well as through additional on-line stores. Interested publishers should
contact Cliff at





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  1. And Molyneux sucks! :D

    Great looking game! I hope I’ll have the money after Rock Legend. :)

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