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Production Line video blog: #9 Researching robot upgrades. MORE ROBOTS

Can you believe I have made it to NINE video blogs and still haven’t set up an alpha purchase date yet? Neither can I. Here is the aforementioned bloggage:

Work seems to be progressing quite nicely on the game. I added some placeholder music, fixed a bunch of relatively minor GUI bugs, and now have those floating currency things back (working better), and proper locks on researchable stuff. I also switched from reporting daily sales to hourly, and also to a system where if you don’t produce power it gets purchased for you 9expensive, but necessary at the start).

I’d love to know what people think, and happy to answer questions in the next video even if I don’t do so in the comments.


2 thoughts on Production Line video blog: #9 Researching robot upgrades. MORE ROBOTS

  1. Hi Cliff. I like to have some background music in these kinds of games. However I usually turn it down so it doesn’t become too annoying.

    I also like to have big tech trees if they can be meaningful to the game. Some games I have seen tech trees that become useless half way through the game.

    I like to see large factories, but I would also like to see some that have special challenges. Like maybe you had to buy an old building complex and the factory has areas that can’t be built because it spans multiple buildings or support structures block it.

    Thanks, Merry Christmas.

    PS Saw Rogue One. It was fantastic.

  2. I generally like music to start with, although soon enough I turn it off so I can listen to my own (in the good old days, Everquest had it’s own inbuilt mp3 player that killed both birds :))

    So far it’s looking great; one thing that crossed my mind watching this one – how much control do you have over your resource importers/conveyors? If a single importer is feeding multiple stations / resources, can you tweak things so that the whole capacity doesn’t get handed over to a single resource?

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