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Production Line blog#8 R&D and Car Sales

Another week…another video blog. This is number eight. I suspect thats more video blogs for any game I’ve ever made, and all before release. Just call me cliffski: the god of social media marketing eh? Maybe not… but at least I’m trying. I wish I could stream on twitch but with a 75k upload speed, that isn’t going to happen. Anyway, it would just be me swearing a lot and drinking tea, who honestly wants that in their life eh?

Here is the exciting new video! it features never before seen dialog boxes and more!

My plans for next week include seeing Star Wars: Rogue one before all you peasants in America, and gloating. I may also get some work done on the game. I aim to get some tutorial style hints on the screen to make it more obvious where all the conveyor belts are facing and what slots can, and can not go next, to make it easier for people to put together their first few Production Lines. I also need to add some cursor hints for when you are dropping conveyor belts and resource conveyors, and I need to get those floating text things back in and looking nice so you can see when you spend money.

In short, I’m going to be concentrating on getting gameplay & usability stuff in there, and not any more graphical features. Ultimately I want a lot more animation and ‘life’ in the game, which will mean a lot of flashing lights and little micro-animations on some of the props, but thats filler for later, after I have some people playing the alpha build and telling me what they think. I *still* have no idea if I will do a closed invite-alpha or an open, pre-order alpha, or some other hybrid. I suspect I’ll go the ‘pre-order and get alpha builds’ route around February next year which is not *that* far away now.

As always I implore you to share, link, tweet, instagram, snapchat, facebook, reddit, square, uber or tinder these videos. I have no idea what half of those are.

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  1. The graphics are looking better and better. Do you have any plans to have some sort of demand curve for vehicles? Sometimes manufacturers can get away with a large mark up due to huge consumer demand. Or maybe have a way to create demand through advertising or something.

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