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Not quite making it…Democracy 3 Africa take 2.

So you may remember me trying to play an early build of Democracy 3:Africa and coming hugely unstuck? Well, we have been balancing the game since then, and the impossible has now become merely the extremely hard, so sit back and enjoy my attempts to keep the assassins at bay as I do what I feel is best for the citizens of my country…

Don’t forget Democracy 3:Africa will be playable ahead of release at the upcoming PC Gamer Weekender in London. If you are thinking of coming along, you can book your tickets here:

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See you there!

3 thoughts on Not quite making it…Democracy 3 Africa take 2.

  1. I would actually like if the final game was extremely hard because i think the challenge would be fun. Saving an african country shouldn’t be easy either, that wouldn’t make sense.

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