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Democracy 3 Updated after over a year!


So… As I’ve talked about in the past, I came to the conclusion that I should release a new patch to beef-up the quality of Democracy 3, fix some long standing issues, improve and re-balance some features, and so on. (Right now this is for Windows…other formats coming in a few days…). Here is a run-down of everything thats changed in video form:

And here it is in non-video form for people who prefer screenshots :D

First big change is new achievements. We added 12. We also put an achievements link button on the main menu for a change, so you can now get to it from there as well as the in-game button:


We then revamped that page that tells you about security threats to your government. Rather than leaving you to ‘guess’ about how that ‘security effectiveness:poor’ value is calculated, we now show icons that link to all the contributing policies, and show how strongly they are implemented:


The voter group screen got some reformatting, so it extends vertically if needed, plus it also now has an extra window, when needed showing which pressure groups and terrorist groups are being fed into by anger among the selected voter group. This should make the link between angry voters and security threats a lot more obvious and clear.


The finance screen now shows information at the bottom that illustrates how effectively your government money is being raised and spent, which is directly tied to the minister in charge of each department. This was always the case, but we make it clearer how much of an effect this has now…


…And we also have added a bunch of new events… not going to tell you what they are…but here are the images :D


The screen that shows the popularity of policies is now totally re-coded to the calculations make a ton more sense…


And we have also done a fair bit of tweaking the GUI here and there, and made a small number of minor balance changes. Hopefully this has made the game better in small but noticeable ways./ I hope you like the patch :D If for some CRAZY reason you don’t already own a copy of the game, you can grab it from BmtMicro, GoG, the humble store or steam:

bmtmicro gog humblestore steam

10 thoughts on Democracy 3 Updated after over a year!

  1. I hope it was OK to post a message on my Facebook page for my friends and relatives to see.

    You can check it out by doing a F/B search using my name: Matthew Morris Tobin

    I have this D3 on Steam, and had the first and second “Democracy” games on disc!

    ??? ?? ?? ??

  2. Thanks for the update guys! Really appreciate the on-going game support for such a long time.

    Is it possible to add/change the translation into different languages on my own? Got a German copy and the translation is somewhat mediocre.

  3. I thought the game was done and dusted! Thanks for the update!

    I don’t know if you take onboard user feedback for updates or perhaps the next game, but one thing I always found awkward was picking a cabinet, especially during a reshuffle as some ministers have overlap and are suitable for several positions. It takes a while to figure out the ‘least flexible’ minister to assign first. If you assign a minister who could have been more useful in a position where no one else can competently fill you have to instantly fire them again, costing you capital! Or reload the game.

    At the moment I go to the length of writing down a shortlist on a bit of paper under each of the job headings, and work out which position can only have one of ministers from those with multiple uses. It would be nice to remove the capital loss during a reshuffle, or to implement a shortlist area so you can pool the competent ministers together and then chop and change before finalising the cabinet.
    Anyway, just a thought I’ve had while playing!

  4. Hello there. I’m having a problem with my copy of Democracy 3. Just got back into playing the game, went through the update and all seemed well. The game would run and all was good. Then I noticed some small auto update for the game on Steam, 2.5 Mb or so, and now when I launch the game there’s a crash. If I tap Esc to skip the intro, the game crashes and if I leave that alone and then start a new campaign, the game crashes. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled, check game filles integrity in Steam and appears well untill I want to play a game. Scanned my PC to see if there are bugs on my end, but all seems well there too. Just wondering if others are having problems along those lines as well. .

  5. Love Democracy 3, should be compulsory use in education.

    Hoping the GUI has been updated to support high resolution screens, e.g. my laptop has 3K screen and game/menus used to be tiny in the centre, would like them to scale to resolution instead. Thank you.

  6. Hi ,
    I have bought the game from and the update is not still available for me, how could i update it ? thanks

  7. Steam is not able to download anything I subscribe to in the democracy 3 workshop, why is this is there an email for positech support?

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