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IT IS ELECTION DAY! (and 75% off…)

Only if you are in the UK, otherwise you might be confused by this title, but hey, we are a UK indie game company. To celebrate this day, we have Democracy 3 at 75% off on steam for the next 48 hours…

d3Click here to go grab it.

If you are someone who missed out on the recent articles where people try to simulate the election outcome with the game, you might enjoy these…

Simulating the UKIP manifesto

Simulating the Labour Party Manifesto

Simulating the Conservative Manifesto

Simulating the LibDem Manifesto

Simulating the Green party Manifesto.

Hope you enjoy them :D

And if you buy the game and like it, as ever we really appreciate a positive steam review, or a tweet or whatever it is cool people do :D

Don’t forget to VOTE!

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  1. I probably won’t play this for awhile, given I have a backlog of close to 100 games, but I am buying this just because you price fairly. I live in a region that frequently gets exploited regarding regional pricing (relative to our economic status on the world stage) and to see prices reflective of our actual exchange rate to the USD is great. Thanks.

    P.S. I also really like the concept of your game and I’m sure I will have some fun once I get around to playing it!

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