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Gratuitous Space Battles 2 is released RIGHT NOW


Yup, it’s true, the much-awaited sequel to the 200,000+ selling Indie Strategy game Gratuitous Space Battles, is finally on sale. Hurrah! This has taken us twenty months to make, involved a complete redesign and re-engineering of the graphics engine, numerous changes, improvements and fixes, not least the fact that the game now lets you design the look of the ships from scratch AND has steam workshop support, achievements, trading cards and so on. Plus it has one-click easy to use multiple-monitor support, which I HIGHLY recommend. Behold: the cheesy trailer:

The game has been in beta a while, so its hopefully vaguely playable by now! Big thanks to all the beta testers, and of course everybody who worked on the game. You can grab it from a variety of sources, and I’m just going to flat out assume all of their buy links are active right now…so here we go:

Of course the world is a different place now to when GSB1 was released. Who knows how well this one will do? Will anybody like it? One of my biggest fears is people assuming it wont run on their PC. It will! Its actually not *that* demanding. And if you happen to have two monitors you OWE it to yourself to grab it :D. So please do it, help me feed my cats! And if you like the game, PLEASE review it on steam, or wherever you buy it, tweet about it, tell all your friends. And your enemies :D. If you are someone who makes youtube lets-play videos, I hereby give you permission to use the game in your videos, and to monetize those videos, this is fine with me. The more video footage of the game the better. (The battles look much better in motion than as screenshots).

If you want more information / screenshots / wallpaper head over to the official site. Press inquiries welcome to

6 thoughts on Gratuitous Space Battles 2 is released RIGHT NOW

  1. Bought GSB2 on GOG, can’t wait to try it today after work. How frequently do you expect the patches to appear? With some games patches on GOG appear quite a bit later than on Steam, do you think it will be the case with GSB2? I’m a bit worried about that.

  2. Hiya – Mac version issues…

    1. Changing any of the graphics options on Mac disables virtually everything, including the control interface.

    2. What happened to the moving turrets? I liked those moving turrets. It’s like watching lego blocks turn into rudimentary life at the moment.

    3. Lens flare right in your face all the time? Clouds obscuring stuff? The enemy ships can be so dark you can barely distinguish from the background? Eee.

    4. High definition my arse.

    5. Why can’t a nigga set two fleets up against each other? (That said – haven’t explored properly maybe that’s somewhere in there.)

    Seriously have some average mac using douchebag run it for you – it’s just not fun as it stands.

    That said: You’re way smarter than I am, I couldn’t have done this from scratch. I’m just the sort of lowest common denominator consumer you have to please to make that cash son.

    1. To set up 2 of your own fleets, you must go to a battle map, deploy a challenge fleet of your own, then on the challenge screen—download and fight your own challenge that had been posted.

  3. Hey guys! How could a press site contact you? I represent Gazeta de Gamer (a Romanian press site). I was unable yo find your contact, unfortunately.

  4. Is there some sort of global gamma/bloom/saturation etc coefficient? I could draw analogy to some bedroom composer also producing and publishing. The probability that their stuff doesn’t sound so good on other peoples systems is… over 100%. Well, almost. This is much easier to fix with visuals than sound as most people can adjust couple sliders but to fix some average bedroom producer music needs way more than bass & treble knob.

    Big issue is that web sites use 255,255,255 so I have my LCD adjusted such that it’s closer to paper. This adjustment can’t be done using display drivers because to get the paper-likeness you need to control backlight voltage. However this has possibly non-liner effect on colors at the low end. CRT and to some degree OLED have less issue with this.

    1. edit: “non-linear effect on colors”. I mean that if my LCD is at 0-20% brightness and I change it between that are through out the day, the already not-so ideal colors are even more out of whack. If producer tested their visuals only in calibrated condition then they can have similar condition as if producing music does if using a single reference. (the “universally good sounding” music has been checked on many systems or the studio has monitors and headphones that represent the typical stuff on the consumer side)

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