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Much Needed Break

So…I’m about to head off on a much needed holiday somewhere nice. Right now it’s raining outside here. Haha, I shall think about the British rain while I’m here…


This will be the last time I actually have a real holiday before I release Gratuitous Space Battles 2. A small army of highly skilled assistants are working away on various cool art things while I’m not here. Unlike most geeks, I’m very into the whole ‘unplugging’ thing. I’m not taking a laptop. I have a ‘smart’ phone I guess, but I never use it for the internet. I’m taking it just for emergencies. I think it’s good to break away from the world of computers and games and get some fresh input into my mind. Maybe it will inspire me to make a different game, or who knows what. I’m away for almost three weeks, the longest holiday I have ever had, as I recall. I wonder if the cats will recognize me when I return.

5 thoughts on Much Needed Break

  1. It depends on if someone feeds the cats in your absence. If noone feeds them, recognition is the least of your concerns…

    1. It’s hard to find *reliable* cat-feeders… and underfeeding is not the only possible negative outcome!
      Years ago I tasked my grandpa with feeding my cat for a couple of weeks: boy, its stomach looked like a rugby ball!

  2. For some reason I read that as “A small army of highly skilled assassins”. Good for aggressive marketing strategies.

    I hope you thoroughly enjoy your break :)

  3. Hello I have recently started a YouTube channel and because I enjoyed your game democracy 3 so much I decided to use it for my first video. What I am trying to say is thankyou for such a great game and I’m looking forward to playing clones abd drones.

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