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Election day… and democracy is for sale (and on sale… geddit?)


Well you wouldn’t expect an event like the European elections to go buy without some big promotional democracy-related thing from me would you? Here in my local polling station the queues were…well… nonexistent. I think we were the second people to vote in the village. So I hereby predict low turnouts, and lots of election staff finishing their crosswords and Sudoku during the day. The election works on proportional representation, which we as a country recently voted against in a referendum (doh!) so I suspect lots of people are boycotting the election because they don’t like the fairness of the system. yes that must be it…

Anyway.. DEMOCRACY 3 is 50% off today. YES 50% off!. You can buy it from steam here:


Or from my wonderful personal website **here**, which also gets you a steam key (and I get more money! yay!). Please tell everyone, tweet about it, blog about it, express your happiness for this event in interpretive jazz dance on street corners. Perhaps this is a good topic for you to write a song about, or maybe a play or some poetry? Hasn’t the whole ‘democracy 3 at 50% off story got the makings of a decent TV miniseries?

In all seriousness, all retweets and pimpage is much appreciated. We poor struggling starving indies need your help. I’ll have to eat jacks cat biscuits if you don’t buy a copy, and that will make him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he is angry…

Jack will starve unless you buy cliffs games...
Jack will starve unless you buy cliffs games…

For those not aware, Democracy 3 is a political strategy game where YOU yes YOU are the president or prime minister of a real country, and get to make decisions on tax rates, laws, government spending and so on. It’s got great reviews. There are also some let’s plays scattered over the interwebs. like this one:

I’ve sold over twenty licenses to schools who use it to indoctrinate and confuse small children. Not convinced? It uses a NEURAL NETWORK, which sounds really impressive and cool, and thus must make the game better. Plus it was made by a developer who actually PAYS TAX, unlike many other corporations. Support your honest developers! especially the carbon-neutral ones!. You know you want to! Why are you still reading this when you could be using Democracy 3 to fund a space program, pay for food stamps or give blatant tax cuts for foreign investors?

I *may* have had too much caffeine.

3 thoughts on Election day… and democracy is for sale (and on sale… geddit?)

  1. “Plus it was made by a developer who actually PAYS TAX, unlike many other corporations.”
    If it makes you feel better, the first thing I usually do in Democracy 3 is eliminate the Corporate Tax. Uncompetitive Economy isn’t a fun problem to deal with.

  2. I love this game, there’s just one thing i’d like to be improve is the handling of windows 8 tablet. Actually the game run well on those but the controls don’t answer very well on tablets. The original interface is already good for Touch interface just the handling that is bad so could you improve that ??

  3. I saw that the game was on offer very recently and remembered seeing it on a YouTube video. I thought I might purchase it, so I decided to watch a video on it to see how it looked. I watched the video the whole way through, but when I went back to Steam, sold on the game at its halved price, its cost had returned to the original amount. I was utterly dismayed – I had missed the sale by mere minutes. I must regretfully say that I will not in fact be buying Democracy 3 today.

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