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Steam workshop hopefully happening anyway…

So… I am feeling more motivated about this. The plan is basically to have 3 options in the Democracy 3 mod screen. one is the mod panel which lets you enable/disable mods as right now. This will be in ALL builds of the game. Steam builds will get 2 extra windows.  ! will browse steam workshop entries for the game (I haven’t even started that yet) the other will handle submitting new mods to steam workshop.

Right now, I haven’t even implemented a single steam API call for this, but what I *have* done si the rather tedious step of doing the GUI for submitting a mod. That is 90% done, but the back-end stuff is only half done. By back-end, I mean the stuff I have which will actually pass the mod data onto steam for uploading. Why do I need an intermediate layer?

Well basically steam workshop and cloud save work with individual files, and Democracy 3 mods are NOT individual files. You might have 36 policy icons, some csvs and some text files in your mod, and this doesn’t play nice with steam. Arghhhh! So I am coding a completely hidden-from-the-player translation system which (once you have selected your mod folder) , packs all of those files and their filenames and directory structure into a single packed file, and then submits that to steam workshop. Then the reverse happens with installed steam workshop mods. I haven’t started that bit yet, but the GUI and the packing is done, more or less. I’ll finish it tonight. I’m at ComicCon Saturday, then hopefully Sunday I can finish the Steam back-end and actually have the game submitting real live steam workshop mods.

So theoretically on Monday I then code a nice workshop browser, test it all on Tuesday and patch it into the game on Wednesday. AHAHAHAH. Yeah maybe :D

In practice Tuesday I am involved in ‘family things’ so realistically it will be Thursday/Friday, if that doesn’t clash too badly with ExPlay in Bath, where I’m giving a talk. Holy crap when do I write the talk?.

I may have to miss Downton Abbey at this rate!

3 thoughts on Steam workshop hopefully happening anyway…

  1. If you want to simplify your job slightly then you can kick the user to the Steam overlay for the mod browsing. That seems to be the way that most games use, though I think I’ve seen some integrated browsers.

  2. Indeed, I’m not quite sure if that’s an option though, because I need to actually unpack the downloaded file, i can’t let steam just dump it there without my knowledge.

    1. Why not? Can’t you have the game client unpack it when it notices a mod file? Maybe not, maybe Steam would complain if you deleted the file, or if maybe you would have to handle mod updates separately… but maybe it could work?

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