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The Humble Positech Sale

So today is exciting because it’s the start of the HUMBLE POSITECH SALE. You can go grab the games and donate to charity (and the developer!) over at the site here (or click the image below)


It’s especially cool to have been involved with picking the charities for the bundle, which are the red cross and barefoot college. Who? well I first heard about barefoot college after watching as really cool documentary on them in the UK, where they followed the path of a woman who was taken to the college to learn how to manufacture and maintain solar lights. The idea is that they take those skills, and that independence and spread it to other villages and other people. This is quite a tough struggle against poverty, indifference, and quite a bit of sexism too. The documentary is great and it’s a worthy cause. And of course it supports renewable energy, which I’m really into.

But hey, also, there are some cool games of mine there. And they are at a good price. Go grab em. or tell your friends!  or both! And there are videos of me talking about stuff too…

8 thoughts on The Humble Positech Sale

  1. I’ve got GSB and GTB already but picked up the bundle so my daughter could try Kudos 2. Good luck with the sale.

  2. Picked this up solely for Democracy 2. Now that I see that a Democracy 3 is in the works, I will definitely be looking forward to that.

  3. No starship tycoon? does that still run on modern PCs, remeber playing that back years ago.

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