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The GSB cruiser decoy projector!

Here is a short video showing where I am with a new unit (the cruiser decoy projector) for GSB, which will be a race-specific capability for a new race (The Outcasts). Enjoy (it’s in HD BTW).

4 thoughts on The GSB cruiser decoy projector!

  1. Looks very cool! I like the concept of a ‘decoy’ ship, and would love to see perhaps some ‘mines’ as well, but that may be for another time. I think the video looks well done, the images of the decoy ships look good also, with the slight transparency helpful for knowing which is the decoy, although in the game it is assumed the decoy can’t be distinguished from the original. :)

    Am looking forward to seeing the expansion and the rest of the new ships for the new faction! :)


  2. Looks great. A quick query will this new expansion be available for the Mac? My Window PC stopped working awhile back and all I have for gaming is my mac, which I’m happy to say GBS works great on.

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