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The Radium Class Outcast Cruiser. First images

As I’ve maybe suggested, I’m going to be adding a new race to Gratuitous Space Battles. Here are the first in-game images of the first ship from that race, which will be known as the outcasts. Click to enlarge, and please leave feedback.

7 thoughts on The Radium Class Outcast Cruiser. First images

  1. Holy mother of god, are these holographic copies? distraction?! OMG AWESOME!!
    I certainly didnt expected to see this coming so fast, great job cliff, looks epic =D

  2. Nifty! (I’m afraid I can’t think of anything more helpful to say than that.)
    I’m looking forward to seeing more of the ships with this sort of design.

  3. Hey, I should probably know this, but if I’ve already purchased the collector’s edition, will that include this expansion?

  4. Those ships look great and I love the name. Ever since I was a lad whenever I play a game that has ships that I can design or name I give them names like “Howitzer Class Battleship” or something.

  5. I’m guessing all of there ships will be named after elements? And judging by the ship designs and name, exiled Tribe? Or something else?

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