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Democracy day!

Have you voted yet? Do you even know what I’m on about? Obviously I’m talking about the most important event of today globally, which is that Democracy 2 is today’s daily deal on steam. Grab it while you can! while stocks last etc! And if it gives you a taste for politics, there is apparently an election taking place today in a country called The United States of America. Which one would you vote for? Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?

Apparently it’s ‘too close to call’, which i think is a cynical ploy to get us to buy more posters and buttons. Also, apparently this is the first time election spending has gone over a billion dollars. That’s more than the entire budget of my last game. Shocking.

Don’t forget to retweet, or tweet, or generally tell the world that Democracy 2 is the steam daily deal today.

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  1. I am so tired of the election, and I’ll be glad when it is over. Not only is the news media preoccupied with it, but my mailbox has been buried in political pamphlets and the radio and TV are full of political advertisements, although it’s mainly for local and regional elections. I’m in a solidly Democratic-leaning state that nobody pays attention to at the national level, so I feel very sorry for those poor people in swing states like Ohio. They must really be suffering election burnout.

    However, it is sort of fun to make fun of the pamphlets because they make some pretty exaggerated claims.

    “My opponent wants to hurt children, pour toxic waste in the rivers, and make your community a blighted hellscape!”

    “Well, my opponent wants to take away your cars, destroy your jobs, free all criminals, and impose his will upon your innocent family!”

    The funniest is when a candidate for the House of Representatives promises to “fix” Congress, as if they would be able to actually get anything like that done as a unknown newbie legislator among hundreds of others. They don’t say how they’ll fix it either.

    Anyway, I haven’t bought Democracy 2 yet, and it sounds interesting. I should go over to Steam today and pick it up (after I go vote of course).

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