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Gratuitous Tank Battles Update 1.017

Yes it’s that happy time again. GTB just got another update. The full change list is this:

version 1.017
 1) Mods/DLC now support their own sample units folders.
 2) Fixed support for recorded attacks on mods/DLC
 3) Armor glows now update correctly when offscreen
 4) Issuing last minute orders to moving units no longer causes impassable routes, and happens more instantly.
 5) Division manager will now remember all your custom divisions if you swap to 'auto-management' and back again.
 6) New GUI buttons for one-click selection of auto-managed divisions, or going to previous/next division.
 7) new graphics for command truck, repair yard and command facility
 8) Improved foundation graphics for many of the turrets.

One of the biggest and coolest things is probably 6). You could always quickly flip between divisions using the tab or shift+tab key, but I guess 95% of casual players don’t spot that, but hopefully the big phat new buttons should make this more obvious to them. It makes frantic unit selection mid battle tons easier. In fact, I do wonder if the game should auto-pause when placing units anyway… or maybe go half speed? hmmm.. Here are the new buttons:

The other big change is the new units in 7). I had basically skimped on my art budget and re-used a few units rather than get new ones built, and I never really liked the old repair yard facility, or the way it was colored. The new units are better, and split into more effective layers so you can shade them better and they look more natural. Here are some screenshots showing the new units.

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  1. WoooHooo! Very Nice! Thank you for all the cool new features, the new buttons look nice and easier to use, will give it a try. And the new art is fantastic! Thank you for keeping GTB interesting and easy to get into.

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