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Humble Bundle Update

The latest humble bundle has been updated to include previous games, such as Gratuitous Space Battles , so you might want to check it out if you are one of those crazy people who doesn’t own GSB (or know some people who may want to grab a copy) :D

11 thoughts on Humble Bundle Update

  1. I’d imagine they’re profitable for Cliff. Right now, there’s 250,000 bundles sold. The average price is $6.07. That’s split twelve ways, resulting in around $125,000 per developer. For a small developer, that’s a lot of money.

  2. Hey Cliff why were you not part of the IAmA on Reddit. Would have been nice to see you on there, with some of the other people from the humble bundle.

  3. Thanks a lot Cliff. I had already bought the Humble Bundle 6 but now I am really glad I did. I always wanted to get around to getting GSB, now I don’t have to try and remember any more.

  4. @Brit,

    Hmm, so lets see, 125k minus
    – Amount selected by user to Charity and/or Humble Tip
    – Merchant fees from paypal/google checkout etc
    – Taxes
    – Potential revenue split between each developer is not even

    = nowhere near 125k

    I’d be surprised if its over 50-60k. Not bad at all, but not amazing by any means.
    I make way more than that in my day job

  5. Let’s say he just makes $30k. That’s $30k in 2 weeks, not a year. I would love a job that I could make $30k every 2 weeks.

    @Christian So you make $780k a year?

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