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Gratuitous Tank Battles updated to 1.013

Here are the patch highlights:

  1. Lots more explanation and detail in the various tooltips
  2. Minimap now has a popup explanatory key
  3. mini-design icons now displayed on the design screens loading dialog
  4. Unlock system now ensures important unlocks come first
  5. Changes to armor color so it doesn’t confuse people with damage.
  6. Fixed various bugs
  7. You can now reinforce infantry by dropping new troops onto the top of existing ones where there are gaps.
  8. You can turn off the supplies siren now

Hope that meets with everyone’s approval :D


One thought on

  1. Not sure I am the only one who find most icons are identical with orange background.
    some level of distinction will be great, colour difference either by level or damage type.

    Other concern might be on the pace of the game, which I think Cliff really need to to consider / implement

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