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Let us ACHIEVE things!

Sooo.. Gratuitous Tank Battles has had achievements in it for a while, although they get called medals in the game, inkeeping with it’s WW1/2 context. The achievements system is a universal one, based of data stored on my server, so if you bought the game direct, or through any store, it should all still work the same way, and you will get the same experience.

Today, is the day I finally got around to wading through the documentation to get my achievements system working with steam. Steam look like they will be carrying the game, which is great news, and probably not unexpected, but I never count my chickens beforehand etc… Anyway, that means I can blog this image:

yay! Essentially steam is just mirroring my own data at the moment, but at least this means that the achievements will show up on your steam pages, which is vital to many people :D

Lots more news to come in the next month or three. I am currently taking a look at the possibility of steam cloud, although I write a lot of tiny little files, so it might get very messy…

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  1. The thing I like about steam achievements is when Steam do their festival-type promotions, often a lot of indy devs will add achievements just for that, which I think is great and often leads me to replay a game just for the hell of it.

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