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On Holiday

I’m on holiday for a week. Don’t bother trying to burgle my house, it’s protected by an ex-commando, and my two cats.



6 thoughts on On Holiday

  1. Missed marketing opportunity, Cliffski! You should have said it was guarded by a highly optimized GSB fleet and experimental GTB battalion that was occasionally known to go off the rails… :-)

    Enjoy! I swear you are like the hardest-working indie, so holiday is certainly well-deserved.

  2. Forthcoming hit game ‘Gratutious Tank Battles’ was delayed today when, it was reported, the entire development team went on simultaneously on holiday. A spokesman for the company could not be reached for comment, since he was on holiday also.

  3. So that’s how he gets his intel for Military games… an ex-commando and 2 cats.

    bloody cunning if I may say so…

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