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Solar Panel install day #3

Panels all installed, trench for cables dug, final electrical connections friday morning, with any luck. Yay!

They almost look small from this distance…

For people who care, they are schuco MPE 215 (215 watt) solar panels with bypass diodes.


They will look a lot less industrial once they have been surrounded by some whicker-ish fencing, and some plants yada yada…

5 thoughts on Solar Panel install day #3

  1. Awesome. Get some nice groundcover underneath, like creeping thyme or something. When is it 100% connected?

  2. I’m still not entirely convinced by your ROI calculations (you barely break even in 20 years, and most electronics don’t last 10% of that to begin with), but I’m glad that it seems to work out anyway. They look neat.

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