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Gratuitous Tank Pictures

I can’t be the only WW2 obsessed geek here? Anyway, I visited the huge Bovington tank Museum a few days ago (I was away a day, hence not much blogging).

Anyway, here are some gratuitous pics of the real life versions of tanks you normally see only in Company Of Heroes:

Treyarch Glider Tank

German Hetzer:

German Goliath (pesky things)

Tiger, with dorky indie developer to show scale

9 thoughts on Gratuitous Tank Pictures

  1. You know, this puts me in mind of a game I’d love to see re-made: Iron Tank for the NES. Generally I’m against re-makes, film or game, but done well it’d be a hoot.

    What are those bits on the front of the Tiger, extra tread links?

  2. @Guy: what, a floating tank? that wouldn’t be the best idea.

    Hmm, i remember the goliath in AXis and Allies (a really great WW2 game). How big would they be compared to a human in real life? the scale in which they showed one made a rock look like a better weapon.

  3. Hey. You should download the Darkest Hour mod for Red Orchestra. Lots of people are playing online, there are big tanks-only maps. But I warn you – you need to have steel nerves to play it. Sometimes you need to drive 5 minutes to the objective only to be destroyed by 1 shot from a camouflaged enemy tank. Also, when you insist on playing as allies, you may face guys in practically indestructible Tiger II (I never choose German tanks cause they are overpowered and the best strategy for them is camping). But the point is that after a couple of days playing, if you don’t throw your PC out of the window first, you’ll start thinking like a real tank commander, focusing on flanking, camouflage, surprise etc. BTW my favourite vehicle from that game is Wolverine tank destroyer.

  4. I would forget: both Red Orchestra and Darkest Hour are far from perfect. If you’d like to create a better WWII tank game, you have my moral support. Just make sure to include Polish 7TP.

  5. for playing polnish tanks, you just have to play the forgotten hope mod for BF 1942.
    caution:this mod is twice large as the original ;)
    about 3 or 4 GB

    have you ever seen a “Sturmtiger”?

  6. ah. so it’s a bit bigger than in the game. still too small for my tastes, though. i would rather go with something like… say, the tiger.

  7. I’m pretty sure thats the museum my grandfather used to take me to back in…1985ish. Most memorable was the tank that had a movie playing inside of it. If you pushed the levers forward a movie would play so you could sort of pretend you were driving.

    They also had an arcade with this one game that I’ll never forget. It was set in the future, 3rd person sprites (similar to 2nd level, original Contra) but you could turn to face in any direction. Anyone know the name of it?

    Oh memories…..


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