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Challenge Browser

I’ve decided to improve the challenge browser for the game before I release it. It looks a bit crap right now, and I’m currently thumbing through a bunch of server browser screenshots from other games to get inspiration.
So far my fave is this one: (overgrowth)
I wish I had a nice html style rendering UI that made this easy. Doing a whole game this size on your own is insane.

7 thoughts on Challenge Browser

  1. Or gecko or webkit. Naturally it may be more of a pain to implement, as a whole, than monkeying your own, especially given you already have a codebase, but possibly worth a thought.

  2. exactly what Fargo and owlmatt said. On top of it, for the server-side aspect, use one of the freely available JQuery UI themes… you get fancy javascript widgets AND you get a decent-looking skin.

  3. I agree with all the folks here who said just embed gecko, chrome or webkit.

    You can easily extend it’s JavaScript implementation with your own functions from C++ land.

    I guess it’s too late now, but maybe for your next game, if you know there will be some UI involved, think about creating the UI with JavaScript and HTML :)

  4. yes its definitely too late now. I normally find middleware to be confusing, poorly documented, badly implemented, bloated and buggy. There don’t seem to be many exceptions to that either.
    But I really would benefit from a better UI library, even if it just means improving my own.

  5. you should use tiny xml and store the ui in custom xml files, tiny xml is a single file you just put straight in your project, very little can go wrong with it, but it’s half way to an html loader, it also means people can mod your ui if they don’t like it.

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