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Gratuitous Wipe Transitions

Many people on the interwebs get very upset that george Lucas uses a lot of transition effects in his films. They may be tacky, heck, they may even be ‘gratuitous’ but I always identify them with star wars, and thus SPACE BATTLES. So how could I not put them in the game? (I’m actually quite pleased with how it looks).

On an unrelated note, those nice people at EliteBastards (yes really), have done a writeup of the game:

I might have some interesting news soon, BTW.

5 thoughts on Gratuitous Wipe Transitions

  1. by the way: the whole process of reading forums AND playing this game while it is in BETA stage is something special :). Maybe that is because once you buy the game, finish it, you know there maybe no more patches or tweaks.. or NEW features. To this date every week you bring something new, and altough i do not expect MORE, but you bring and bring and bring something new and that is amazing. Whole BETA process is just huge experience by itself.

    You should do that with all your games!

    PS: loved transition :)

  2. I love it, it’s perfect… Re: the above comment, just seeing this game come together via your blog has been a real treat. I also think it’s amazing how quickly you work, but I have a hunch I might just be slow =)

  3. kewl!

    how about — the ‘hands of a clock’ transition — that was in the first starwars movie on tatooine, I think… !

  4. Hrmm not sure I agree with some of the stuff in that review but Quinn1981 is right about the game being a great fit for the iPhone. That would be pretty sweet way to play.

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