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Version 1.05 at last. Getting better…

I just uploaded version 1.05, and activated the auto-patching. This fixed a ton of things. The big stuff is code to prevent most of the hardcore ‘stacking’ on the deployment screen, by means of a snap-to-grid system for deploying ships (this has it’s quirks, but will be polished more later). That means fleets look more like this:

There is also a groovy new right click option for designs (mass deploy) which means you can add new ships with a single click. I also fixed about a  dozen minor interface niggles and made two big gameplay changes:

Repair modules now have limited resources, and when they run out, they stop working. This means they are no longer a long term equivalent to the infinitely recharging shields. In short, you can’t build indestructible ships just by stacking repair modules and armor

Escort orders now have variable range, meaning you can have closely knit groups of defending fighters, or squads that roam into enemy space only so far, which should mean a lot more tactical flexibility.

I’m well aware that I need to give the existing AI enemy fleets access to these new capabilities and improve their deployments as a result. However, that’s come secondary to making the game better balanced for challenges and for playability. I’ll be improving the general balancing, and all sorts of other stuff over the next few days. I might get around to a much needed beefing up on the online options too. It sucks that you can’t browse on-line high scores or stats, or easily track the progress of challenges you issued, or rate challenges for their difficulty. I have long term plans to get a lot of stuff like that in, plus all sorts of other goodies.

Here is some interesting coverage of the game over at good-old RPS

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  1. Great work, I love the direction you’re going (UI cleanup, usability issues) the game is great, glad to see it getting even better!

  2. Heyas- great idea but unfortunatley atm its nearly unusable- at least for me (dunno if its same for everyone)

    Once you’ve placed ships if you try to click one to change its settings it moves it on the grid- usualy up or diagonaly up to the left to the next grid slot or even 2 away, messing up your placements. Also, because they instantly move when you click them, its almost impossible to double click to select all of that ship type, because the first click moves it from under the cursor.

    I think something like having to hold and drag to move them would work- as long as the select delay was .5 sec or more?

  3. I tend to agree with the comments on RPS but obviously GSB is in beta and I know cliffski has many changes in the works. I too built an “uber” cruiser, placed as many as possible down (not actually stacked either) and won all the initial battles without changing anything.

    I know cliffki will hate me for saying it but I would REALLY like to have some basic strategy control during the ensuing battles. I’m not suggesting RTS style control, just fundamental “Commander” order controls.

  4. Great job so far Cliff…! This game is shaping up to be one of the top indie games of the year, in my book. I have feeling your not nearly done yet too, so I look forward to what this game will be like 6 months from now.

  5. Will you hate me when I say that I would have liked it a lot if those space ships and fighters would all be made out of World War 2 equipment.
    Imagine a huge battleship screened by light cruisers and destroyers, some submarines and lots of airplane fighters and bombers.

    By the way, I haven’t checked it yet, but will ask anyway: Is there a difference between fighter style chassis and bomber style chassis or does only one chassis type in general exist for small spacecrafts?

  6. Finally got the game this morning but I’ve noticed I can’t mass deploy clicking the button seems to do nothing :/

  7. I have found that fighters seem to suck pretty bad, both in terms of not having enough pilots to use them and not being very powerful.

    Changes that need to balance fighters IMO:

    Split them into 2 groups: Fighters and Bombers

    Bombers can have extremely powerful bombs but you have to get close to use them. When you use them the bombers then have to go back to a support ship to rearm. They should be a large part of breaking down shields fast. They should also be comparatively slow and needing an escort of fighters.

    Fighters should be fast, agile, and great at shooting down other fighters and shooting down Bombers. They should also have the ability to damage/destroy the “anti-fighter” weapons on capital ships.

    The anti-fighter capital ship weapons should be made less effective against fighters, and more effective against bombers.

    Orders for bombers and fighters should have various options.

    Fighter Orders to add:

    Escort Bomber (Escorts the Bomber wherever it goes)
    Search & Destroy (Searches out Enemy Fighters and Enemy Capital Ships with anti-fighter weaponry)
    Fighter Interception (Intercept incoming enemy fighters)
    Bomber Interception (Intercept incoming enemy bombers)

    Bomber Orders to add:

    Target priority — Shields/Hull/Weapons/Engines (Thinking about this, that could be more of the loadout of the weapons on the bombers. Positron Bomb: Damages Hulls Only
    Electron Bomb: Damages Shields Only
    EMP: If shields are down damages targetting systems

    Attack Orders where you can set your Positron Bomb equipped bombers to not attack until shields fail, then to launch an immediate attack. Vice-Versa for Electron Bomb equipped. They go out immediately and then pull back/switch targets when a shield goes out.

    Also the ability to setup an order that when a fighter group loses X of their initial 18 complement they fall back. Then when further fighter groups fall back they can form back up into a full 18 fighter wing and go back on the offensive/defensive

    As for capital ships:

    There needs to be a way for an undamaged capital ship to “step in between” a crippled friendly and the enemy to take some of the fire while shields regenerate. Some sort of smarter AI for protection. Right now I hate seeing ships getting damaged down far and being unable to protect itself behind one of its friends.

  8. That’s not a bad idea but I don’t like the distinction between made between bombers and fighters myself.

    Personally I think it is better just to have the ‘fighter’ class and let the distinction be made just in the design of the craft.

  9. I think fighters need more slots and more low-grad equipment. Having the possibility to give them small shields too or armor with an armor repair system would be so sweet. Also more slots means more diversity, so it would be possible to make a heavy armored or shielded bomber with only one bombing slot, or a fast agile fighter with a light shield and more pewpew weapons.

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