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Better Damage Trails (maybe?)

Amongst other stuff, I’ve been listening to feedback on the damage thing and changed some stuff. Plus adding some new artist-drawn ships to the game. Here is the results:

Changes I made:
Redid the damage textures for some of the ships
There are now 4 different variation of smoke sprite
The smoke sprites now spin slowly
The smoke sprites use a newer texture, sampled from real explosions so they aren’t as black
I changed lots of emmiter variables too so it seems to billow a bit more.

It looks better without shitty youtube compression :D

9 thoughts on Better Damage Trails (maybe?)

  1. Cliffski-

    Love seeing progress on the game and think the damage effects look great already (albeit unfinished). Keep the videos coming.

  2. looks good, I like the high level of detail you’re getting there.

    but what if a ship takes a really big hit, or finally explodes? gotta be a huge explosion, right? :)

  3. looks good except the smoke looks funny lagging behind the ship. in space the smoke would have the same forward momentum as the ship itself.

  4. it’s looking much better but i think that you should make the particles spin slower – they look a bit funny when you can pick out the individual ones.

    An easy to code if slightly expensive way of improving the look is just make the particles more transparent, and emit more of them :)

  5. Change the size of each trail. At the moment they look all exactly similar (same width). Just add a random scale and this effect will look more random, so more real.

  6. Yeah, I agree with Mr Nice. A bit more randomness should help

    looking good though, the ships remind me a little of the Masters of Orion 2 spaceships

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