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Damage texture and particle video test

This doesn;’t look as good as it will, and I’m nto happy with it, but I’m working on damages to ships today, and trying to get both reasonable damage texures (fail!) and nice particle effects for both moving and stationary damaged ships.

Without ILMS budget this is hard. Also, this is primarily a test of the idea of capturing video and posting it to youtube for comment. Let me know your thoughts. I shrunk the window to 800×600 so the capture was high quality and small filesize. Lots of stuff here is placeholder.

11 thoughts on Damage texture and particle video test

  1. That just look amazing although are the damaged bits completely see through at the end? It would look a bit odd if they were.

  2. Movement creates atmosphere of really big spaceship moving.
    And that damage looks good, although I’m not sure how many of them you can have at once – they look quite complex. Hope you’ll implement good LOD techniques, so that we can see massive battlefields covered in smoke.

    But very nice, looking forward to playing it!

  3. I like the sprite feel of this. I don’t actually need photo realistic rendering to enjoy a game :)

  4. I don’t know what damaged spaceships would really look like but it feels weird to see thick smoke billowing out in space. Maybe more fire and bits of debris flying out of the holes?

  5. Video looks cool. My only concern is that when zoomed out it is very difficult to see all the details of the damage. You may want to exaggerate it slightly so it works better in all resolutions.

  6. Sometimes the blast gets lost in the smoke, make it bigger and have it fade out quicker than the smoke. This would also help see it when zoomed out.

  7. Looks cool!

    But you know that smoke wouldn’t lag behind the in space, right? There is no atmosphere that would cause any drag. Smoke/Particles/Debries would come out in every direction and move together with the ship until the ship changes direction. I know this isn’t supposed to be realistic. Just wanted to point this out. ;-)

  8. Bah!

    BTW that video just showed the trails and damage textures (badly) they fade out slowly now, and I wasn’t showing the actual impact effect either. I’ll get better videos done later :D

  9. the effect looks nice. as above, i think it might get a bit lost when zoomed out.
    I suppose the alternative to fire/debris is some kind of shader effect that looks like leaking/swirling ‘plasma’. or have both.

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