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I’m trying to get better explosions today. So far I’ve achieved sod all. The topis the sample explosion from Star Wars:Revenge of the Sith. On the bottom is my current attempt.

It’ll get better…

6 thoughts on Explosions

  1. Nice!
    I agree with psycho that it could do with a bit more blurring though, especially in the centre.
    Of course it depends on what style you’re going for, as it is now, it would work really well if you had a chalk drawing or watercolour painting style for everything.
    That’s what it puts me in mind of for that one screenie anyway ;-)


  2. Using additive blending will get you these very saturated colors and high contrasts whereas the star wars explosion has more toned-down, smoke-y colours and a relatively low contrast. The low contrast is (unintuitively) more realistic.

    You might want check this stop-motion footage of a REAL explosion:

    Note that flames are bright only at the very beginning of the explosion. They quickly fade away and are being obscured by smoke and debris. It’s a quick flash followed by a cloud of smoke. It makes sense if you thing about what an explosion is: overpressure created by sudden, rapid combustion.

    (Also, I just love that visible Shockwave traveling through the air – obviously not a concern in space)

    Another thing is that your explosion looks very flat whereas the star wars explosion looks like it has volume. They achieved it by having a more darker area in the lower right corner of the flame ball.

  3. I don’t think that it looks too bad at all. It does look further away then the Star Wars one though.

  4. I’m still pleased with the Star Monkey explosions, 8-year-old tech though they are. The debris trails have bright, additive-blended, short-lived particles at their head, trailing dark smoky longer-lived particles as they go.

    I assume you’re rendering everything into an offscreen buffer and running a post pass to warp and ripple everything in screen space, hm?

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